Corporate Responsibility

We are committed to the sensible use of resources and safety of our planet. As a rising corporation, we do our best to keep our carbon footprint as little as possible. Conservation and sustainability are instilled in our everyday practices, from placing recycling bins in our offices and hotel rooms, to monitoring our energy usage at our properties, we are always looking for more ways to encourage a healthy atmosphere in the world around us. We seek to encourage our team members and guests to join us in caring for our sphere. We know that if we handle the planet with care, the planet will take care of us for generations to come.


We are devoted to leveraging the power of our brand and platforms to help address significant social issues. Our hotels are essential parts of their local communities and serve to not only offer employment opportunities to residents, but to support the community through charitable service. Whether through financial donations, in-kind contributions, partnerships or employees volunteering their time, our teams are active in programs and initiatives that surely impact their communities.